Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Washing Your Hair With Beer ! By Robin McDonald


Hey, everybody, welcome back to The Kitchen. I'm your kitchen beautician, Robin McDonald. Today's video is how to use beer when washing your hair and I know, I'm Irish. There's a lot of people out there I know that would protest using a good beer to shampoo your hair with but it's the great proteins in the malt and the hops that help to rebuild and repair hair so we love to use beer in the hair. Today's recipe you're going to need a nice glass bowl, a measuring cup, some of your own shampoo. I like a nice sulfate-free shampoo that you pick up at the health food store, a half of a lemon. I use a little tea strainer to strain that lemon juice and of course, a good fermented beer. Now I've got this great stout beer that was actually fermented with bananas. A while back I did a video using a banana peel and almond milk to do a hair conditioner. It really turned out to be great so when I found this great stout that was made with bananas I thought oh that's perfect for our recipe. So what you're going to need is about a half a cup of beer, take a little bit of your own shampoo as I said just eyeball it, you know, a tablespoon or so, whisk it up you know I love my whisk. Who needs a blender when you have a good whisk in the house? Half the juice, I'm sorry, the juice of half a lemon. I forgot to use my tea strainer but I can see that there's no seeds in there and this I picked up at you know, the local beauty supply. It's a squeegee kind of a thing and I really like this for any DIY home care products because it just makes it so easy to use and you can really part the hair and use this specific you know, applicator to get right into the scalp and then work it down to the ends of the hair. So this beautiful beer shampoo will last you near for about five days so you get a lot of good use out of it. Some recipes will say to use a flat beer. I like to uncork a beer and throw it in there for the effervescence. It's up to you. In any event, try it, you're going to love it. Your hair is going to be silky, shiny, there's nothing like a good beer shampoo. Thanks for joining me in The Kitchen. I'm your kitchen beautician, Robin McDonald. Visit me at and I'll see you soon.

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