Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to Get Plump Lips With Home Remedies ! By @robinmcdonald


Hi everybody, welcome to The Kitchen. I'm Robin McDonald, your Kitchen beautician. Today's video is how you can get plump lips with your own home remedy. Now lip plumpers contain ingredients that stimulate the surface of the skin causing that swelling, that pillowy bee stung Michelle Pfeiffer pout that we all wish we had naturally. You're going to need a little glass jar. I like to use a shot glass. I don't know about you but I tend to have a few of these hanging around my house, some Vaseline or petroleum. I like to use a Vaseline alternative. This is called Waxoline and you can get it in a health food store or you know, order it online. So just take about a half a teaspoon of your Waxoline petroleum, Vaseline whatever you are using. You can also use alip brush to do this, a few drops of peppermint and a little bit of fire, a few shakes of cayenne pepper. Now just whip this up. This is really all it is. It's ready to go. This needs to go on a clean dry lip. If you've already put on your lipstick, you'll have to do the plumping later, another time because your lipstick will probably dilute the action of the lip plumper. But that's what it should look like. Because I'm using the Waxoline instead of Vaseline, the color of mine is going to be a little bit yellower than yours probably but that's it. That's all it is and this is a one shot deal so you have to use up what you've created and keep re-creating it as you want your lips to be plumper and plumper. That's it for me. Thanks for watching. I'm Robin McDonald, your Kitchen beautician. Please visit me at for more beauty info and tips. Thanks so much. Have a great day.

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