Monday, August 12, 2013

Homemade Eye Shadow Primer ! By @robinmcdonald


Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the kitchen. I'm your kitchen beautician Robin McDonald. Today's video is how you can make your own eyeshadow and makeup primer. Now all the beauty magazines most of the advice you get for women of a certain age is that a makeup primer is paramount. But a makeup primer can benefit any makeup wearing skin type. And today we are going to make our own. The first thing you are going to need is a little bit of, this is actually silk powder. But I'm using arrowroot powder which is a vegan's substitute for silk powder. This is what's going to give the primer slip and smoothness. So I'm going to add a little bit to this and I'm just using a eyeshadow brush basically. Next kayaruan clay. And again these two things you can probably find at any health food store or online. Add a little bit of clay, I've got way too much in this jar. And the next thing is your favorite moisturizer, a light weight moisturizer. I'm using my own formula today. This is my avocado smoothie. This is a really nice like day cream. And I'm just going to mix it. You want to get a nice paste going. We are going to throw in some more moisturizer. I want more actually. It takes a while just to get it nice and smooth. But once you get it going you want to take a clean finger tip and apply this to your eyelids. You can always use this on your cheeks and your chin as well. Great makeup primer. And then let it dry a few minutes. And then you can apply your foundation eyeshadow over it. This is what it looks like on the skin. Lighten, brightens, and tightens I like to say. And there you have it. Your homemade makeup and eyeshadow primer from the kitchen. I'm Robin McDonald your kitchen beautician. Please visit me at Thanks for watching have a great day.

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