Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to Highlight Hair With Lemon Juice ! By @robinmcdonald


Hey, everybody, welcome back to the kitchen, I'm your Kitchen Beautician, Robin McDonald. Today's video is how to highlight hair using lemons. Now, when I was a kid, we used peroxide right out of the bottle, that you yielded this very unfortunate orange highlight. But with the lemon, you're sure to get a nice, golden, sunny effect. Lemons have a natural lightening and brightening action, and we just use lemons, use them for a lot of things. But this recipe particularly can be used on virgin hair and hair that's been processed, your truly. Because I'm adding chamomile tea bags to this formula, which will help to neutralize the acid in the lemons, so it doesn't dry your hair out. And also, the chamomile has lightening and brightening elements of it's own. So, what you want to do, I've taken a couple of chamomile tea bags and a half a cup of water, they're steeping. And I'm going to use the juice of an entire lemon, I'm going to use my little tea strainer here to catch the seeds. Lemon juice is also good for lightening nails, did you know that? It's a little rough on the cuticles, so you want to make sure you use some sort of oil and moisturize it while you're doing, while you're bleaching your nails with lemons. Yeah, this is really nice and it smells beautiful as well, so clean and fresh, as opposed to the bleach used at the local salon. As I say, there's no place like home and that goes for lightening your hair as well. Throw that in there, trusty whisk again. I'm just going to reach here and get rid of these bags, because I want to give them a good squeeze too. Now, this is a little squeezer I picked up at the local beauty supplies store. Anything that has a nice concentrated tip like that is great for this formula, because you really want to get it right in there at the root. Pour it right in there, the other thing you're going to want to use with this, is nice fine tooth comb, voila. Something with a lot of closely placed teeth is great for this. So, you can really get a good, consistent application all the way down from the scalp to the ends of the hair. And there you have it, perfect, an afternoon with this, 5 minutes in the sun, don't forget your sun block. And you'll come out looking like Malibu Skipper, who doesn't love that? Thanks for joining me in the kitchen, please visit me at and I'll see you next time.

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