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10 Tips for Glowing and Baby-Soft Skin ! By @riviniresearch

This poem often reminds me of my childhood days when I also could boast of such texture and skin. Who doesn’t want to have baby soft skin? Those wonder years as toddlers with really soft skin we all have had, but somehow as we grow older, we begin to lose it. The suppleness, the sheen, softness, tenderness everything is replaced by dry, pigmentated scaly skin.

But there are ways you can retain this skin type, provided you really take care of your skin and follow a regime to maintain them. Just go through this list of tips which might help you get back that baby soft texture and skin.

1.Exfoliate the Skin
Its very important to cleanse and exfoliate our skin once a week at least. This process removes the dead skin and allows the growth of new softer and smoother skin. A simple remedy like mixing lemon juice with sugar granules and rubbing it in circular motion on the skin is one of the best ways of exfoliating the skin.

2.Eat Healthy
What we eat is shown clearly on our skin. If we have too much of oily and spicy food, it shows on the skin in the form of a heat boil or pimple. A balanced diet of fresh green in vegetables and fruits helps a great deal for having younger looking skin. Green tea, lemon, cucumber, carrots, blueberries, kiwi and meat like turkey, salmon all help in getting back to healthy skin.

3.Keep yourself Hydrated
We are aware that our body is made of 60% water so it’s very important to keep our body hydrated. Minimum 8-10 glasses of water we should have. This helps in flushing out toxins out of our body and thus keeps us from dry skin, premature ageing, helps circulation and gives a radiant glowing complexion.

4.Normal Water for your Bath
The winters really make us indulge in hot water baths. This in turn does no good, just that the skin will feel even drier after bath. So ensure that as far as can use normal tap water or maybe just warm or lukewarm. Another important thing to note is not to remain for long time in water or bath tubs. Apply a good body lotion when the skin is damp.

5. Moisturizer
Many are unaware and take this as a beauty tip but thats not it. We should mositurize our skin daily . It is important for keeping the skin, tight , supple and smooth. There are many types of moisturiser available in the market today. Depending on your skin type you need to religiously and regularly mositurise your skin and ensure you use natural or herbal products.

6.Use Herbal Products
Nowadays there are so many creams and beauty product, soaps, they are loaded with harmful chemicals and toxins which strips of all the natural oils and moisture from our skin. As far as can use homemade remedies or herbal products for your routine treatment.

7.Intake of vitamin E
One of the vital elements for natural glowing skin is vitamin. Your daily routine should have a dose of Vitamin E also. Have 4-5 almonds soaked overnight and take the next day. This not only benefits the skin but hair as well and enhances the beauty by giving you a creamy complexion, soft and smooth.

8.Include Fish Oil in your Diet
Seafood’s are a rich source of fish oil and omega 3 fatty acid. Salmon and tuna have these and help to form better skin. Fish oil is not only good for the heart but skin as well and actually helps in reversing signs of ageing. Some of these oils of premium quality have the natural and powerful antioxidants like astaxanthin and lycopene which helps in reducing the scaling and roughness of skin to great extent. So ensure to have them and include them in your diet.

9.Don’t rub , pat dry
This tip seems least significant but it is true. Never rub your skin, as rubbing causes the small capillaries under the facial skin to break causing spider lines and redness. It is very delicate and sensitive. To maintain the delicate, tenderness of your skin always pat dry with a soft towel.

10.Be Fit and have Good Sleep
After all the care, if your body is not fit then it doesn’t help. Be fit; go for regular exercise, walks. A Toned body can give more radiance than a flabby and dull body. Keep your regime for exercise or gyming 5 days a week atleast. This helps in fat reduction, weight loss, body toning. After all this a good sleep at the end of the day is most important. A minimum of 8- 10 hour of sleep is a must. So have a good sleep to give your body rest

By Rivini Research - London UK

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