Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to Get Rid of Puffiness on the Upper Cheekbone Below the Eyes

by Robin McDonalds

Hey kids, we come back to the kitchen, I'm your Kitchen Beautician, Robin McDonald. Today's video is how to reduce puffiness around the upper cheek bone and the eye area. Now, for this, there's nothing better than the trusty cucumber. You know, a cucumber has a natural cooling action in it, even if you have a cucumber that's out room temp., when you break it in half, feel it inside, you'll see that it's cold. it's also full of natural astringents that kind of draw out excess fluids in the skin. And more importantly, diffuses redness like nothing else. So, what you're going to need is, about half of a cucumber, a good grater. I pre-grated a little bit in here, so we don't spend the whole time grating. Now, you've probably noticed, you know, in Spa magazines and pictures of people, Lucille O Ball, you know, in a spa. They've got a wheel of cucumber around the eye area. Well, we're going to make a cucumber burrito. And the reason we're doing this is because when you put the slice of cucumber over the eye, it doesn't conform to the contours of the eye. So, you're not getting all that great cooling action. This is a gauze pad, you can pick it up at your local pharmacy. The square ones are great, if you have strip gauze already in the house, you can kind of lay out strips, but you have to sort of roll them together. You'll see how this works. So, we're just going to take some of our cucumber, think of this gauze as a big, you know, tortilla, our cucumber tortilla. Fold in the ends, just you would a burrito, and there you have it, that's it. You're going to lay this over the eye area, a nice, clean eye area for about 15 minutes. This is the greatest hangover remedy ever in nature. So, that's it, that's how it looks. And you know, once this is, comes to room temperature, which it'll eventually do, it's kind of done working. So, make sure you can relax in a nice, quiet lace, throw this over your eyes. It's going to refresh your eyes, it's going to slightly tighten the skin around the eyes, the redness will be gone, you'll be clear. Clear eyed and ready to face the world. Thank you very much for joining me in the kitchen, I'm Robin McDonald, your Kitchen Beautician. I hope to see you back here soon, have a great day.

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