Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Homemade Makeup Primer

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to the kitchen. I'm your kitchen beautician Robin McDonald. Today, we're going to make a homemade makeup primer and I just love makeup primers, I think that they're paramount for every skin type, every age, your makeup will go on beautifully, flawlessly with a nice pallet underneath. So what we're going to use is a arrowroot powder, now this is my vegan substitution for a silk powder and I also love my shot glasses because you want to mix, have a a tight and a small container to really mix this up so you really breakup everything, get a nice smooth consistency, a little bit of kaolin clay, you might recognize this from some of your face masks, this is what's going to cause the skin to contract and give you that flawless pore-less look and your favorite moisturizer, whatever that might be, I'm using my orange smoothie from my own line available on So let's start with a teaspoon of the arrowroot, equal parts of the kaolin clay and a good teaspoon, well rounded teaspoon of your moisturizer and you're just going to mix this up. You might need to work this a little bit more with the moisturizer, I've got a lot of clay in there. Makes a bit of a mess as you can see, but no worries we'll clean that up later. And just keep mixing it's going to take a little bit to really get this into a smooth consistency. So all you need is a tiniest bit, I'm going to show you what this looks like on the skin, it almost looks like a mask, but you're going to see when your own natural oils take over it's going to dilute the chalkiness of it and give you this really beautiful luminous finish and that's what it looks like on the back of the hand, you can see the difference in those hands. What is the real age of this hand? Okay, there you go, that's a beautiful makeup primer, you can make yourself in your own kitchen, save yourself some money. Thanks for joining me again in the kitchen. I'm your kitchen beautician, Robin McDonald. Please visit me at, and I'll see you next time.

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