Sunday, February 3, 2013

Easy Recipes for Facial Creams ! By Robin McDonalds

by Robin McDonalds www.

Hey, everybody, welcome to the kitchen. I'm your kitchen beautician Robin McDonald. Today's video is how to make an easy face cream using products that you probably have in your own kitchen. Now the first thing you are going to need is a little bit of sweet almond oil. Now almond oil is rich in lipids and essential fatty acids, and linoleic acid. It causes all the available moisture in there to cling to the skin, softens, soothes. It's a gorgeous oil used even on it's own as a massage oil. Or if you are really dry. But for this recipe we are just going to use about a tablespoon. Shea butter, you can pick up shea butter anywhere, any health food store or online. I always try to get an organic shea butter if possible. It's completely fragrant free and it has a really thick consistency. And again it's another one of those magnet ingredient that pulls all the available moisture to your skin. And last but not least a little bit of lemon. We are just going to use about a teaspoon of lemon in this face cream. Lemon has mattifying properties and skin lightening properties it's and the aromatherapy is fantastic. So what you are going to do is take your shea butter. Put about a couple of tablespoons in a little shot glass like this. You know I love to use my shot glasses for more then one purpose. And just eyeball this a little bit. If you have an oily skin you might want to pull back on the olive oil a little bit. If you are dry go for it. It's fabulous for you. I have a little Q-tip here, it's all you need. Mix that up. Again I'm just going to eyeball this. I'm just going to use, you know you are going to get about half a teaspoon maybe of the lemon in there in this formula. The more lemon you use the more of a lotion you are going to create as oppose to a cream. The more shea butter you use the thicker the cream is going to be. And really that's it. This is an amazing makeup base. You can use it day or night. However if you do use it in the day add your own sunscreen to it. I like anything over an SPF 15. And it's just, it's really beautiful. It's luminous on the skin. We did a really light formula today. It will soak right in regardless of your skin type. It's a beautiful way to nurture, replenish dehydrated skin. Balance oily skin and protect. Thank you very much for joining me. I'm Robin McDonald your kitchen beautician. I'll see you next time. And visit me at

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