Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lemon Honey Lip Balm Recipe by Robin McDonald

Hey guys! Welcome to the kitchen. I’m your kitchen beautician Robin McDonald. Today’s video is how to make your own honey and lemon lip balm. With the colder weather coming in, you might find that your lips are getting a little chapped and dry. This is a simple way to smooth and protect your lips for the oncoming weather. We’re going to start with a little bit of – you can use petroleum – again, I love to use Waxelene, it’s a vegan alternative. Just a little bit, like that – like you would find in a Carmex jar. Rolling it off with a little Q-tip. You can use a lip brush for this, too. Now, I’m going to use the juice of, I don’t know, just a couple drops of lemon. Lemon is a powerful exfoliant, and a lightener. And then, of course, the honey. Honey is an exfoliator, but it’s also a great humectant, which means that it traps all the available moisture out of the air. Mix that up. And then, a little bit of organic olive oil – just a couple of drops, that’s it. Again, it’s a lip balm. This is going to last about four days in the refrigerator. Just whip it up nice, so you get a nice paste. Keep adding more Shea butter, petroleum, or Waxelene - whatever you’re using – to thicken it up so it really adheres to the lips. And, there you go. I’m Robin McDonald, your kitchen beautician. Thanks for watching, and please visit me at

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