Thursday, October 10, 2013

Need CHANEL handbag? Let's make it! by @themorasmoothie

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Hi there, the DIY's today is a bag!
To realize it I was inspired by the Chanel bag that you see on central image.
I used natural jute any "little stronger" for bags, white fabric for the internal, closure and chain.
I cut from natural jute a rectangle about 53 x 33 cm, then I cut the 2 side pieces lateral about 7 cm wide. From the "little stronger" for bags I cut a rectangle slightly smaller than the one in jute. Then I cut a lot of strips of jute that I glued with hot glue, creating intersections and fraying them to the end.
Finally I set up everything sewing with a sewing machine.
At the top I created the holes to insert the chain.
Fashion handbag inspired by Chanel with natural stuff ... better than that ... 
there is only a true Chanel!

Il Tutorial in Italiano lo trovate su gowoman.

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